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Crane apprenticeships in Ontario

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) governs the Hoisting Engineer apprenticeship programs for crane operators in Ontario. Hoisting Engineer is a compulsary trade.

All training programs for crane operators at the OETIO are designed to meet MTCU standards.

Mobile Crane Operator Branch 1 (339A) certification meets the Inter-provincial Red Seal standard. In order to enroll for training as a hoisting engineer at the OETIO you must first register as an apprentice with the MTCU in Ontario. There are three Hoisting Engineer certifications available:

  • 339A - Mobile Crane Operator: 6,000 hour apprenticeship including 480 hours of in school training (4 levels).
  • 339C - Mobile Crane Operator, up to and including 15 Tons: 1,000 hour apprenticeship including 240 hours of in school training (1 level).
  • 339B - Tower Crane Operator: 3,000 hour apprenticeship including 360 hours of in school training (3 levels).

Hoisting Engineer Apprenticeships offered at OETIO:

Mobile Crane Operator
Branch 1 (339A) & Branch 2 (339C)    

Tower Crane Operator
Branch 3 (339B)