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Skip Navigation LinksLoader/Haul Truck Operator Program (For Groups)

The loader stockpiles, backfills, sorts material, loads trucks and is used to feed material hoppers. The haul truck is used in many types of industries: mining, construction, forestry, etc.

This programs provides 2 weeks of Fundamentals of Heavy Equipment followed by 4 weeks of practical field exercises on both the loader and haul truck.

What makes our program successful:

  • Approved OETIO certification
  • One piece of equipment dedicated to each student
  • 162 hours of seat time between the loader and haul truck
  • Ratio 1: instructor to a maximum of 6 students

Additional Program Information:

To Request Training, complete the form below:

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Please send us a detailed note on the training you are requesting. Include, the course name, the number of trainees, and the time you would like the course to run.
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