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Dozer Program Description

Theory Component:

  • Fundamentals of Heavy Equipment (2 weeks – 78 hours)

    • This 2 week course is a pre-requisite to the machine specific operator training program and provides students with the fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Reg. 213/91, safety, equipment types and components, operating techniques, transportation, and maintenance that apply to heavy equipment in the construction industry.

    • Students also complete training in WHMIS, Fall Protection, First Aid, and CPR. 


Practical Component:

  • Dozer Training (4 weeks – 162 hours):

    • Each field exercise includes an instructor led demonstration, followed by a student practice session with ongoing coaching, skills evaluation and feedback from the instructor via two-way radio

    • The construction-type field exercises progress from basic to advanced level. Introductory training on GPS and laser control systems is included

    • Perform pre-operational inspection

    • Comply with scheduled maintenance requirements

    • Plan work procedures

    • Comply with grades and stakes

    • Operate dozer:

      • Set up equipment

      • Grade and layout

      • Create and maintain a working table

      • Strip surface materials 

      • Rip surface materials 

      • Cut and fill materials 

      • Create ditches 

      • Create slopes 

      • Create ramp 

      • Backfill excavations and trenches 

    • Follow shutdown procedure

    • Load dozer on transport vehicle


Student/Instructor Ratio:  

  • 6 students to 1 instructor

Student Seat Time: 

  • Student will always be operating a dozer on a continual basis of 8 hours per day for 4 weeks of practical training

Total Program Duration:

  • 6 weeks-240 hours


*Students returning to be trained for another piece of equipment are exempt from Fundamentals of Heavy Equipment if taken within 5 years of attending training.

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