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Excavator Program

The track excavator digs, excavates material in large volumes, and  loads material. The excavator is a highly versatile productive piece of equipment used in the construction, mining and forestry sectors.

The excavator program at OETIO, approved as a vocational program under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005, is 300 hours over 8 weeks and includes, classroom, laboratory activities and hands-on training with emphasis on practical operating skills on an excavator. Participants will take the 4 weeks Fundamentals of Heavy Equipment followed by 4 weeks of practical field training.

What Makes Our Program Successful:

  • One piece of equipment dedicated to each student 

  • 166 hours of seat time 

  • Practical Ratio: 6 participants to 1 instructor 

Additional Program Information:


  • Fill out the form below


  • Proof of age (over 18 years). Either birth certificate, driver’s license or passport 

  • OETIO program registration form 

  • Proof of education (Ontario Grade 10 transcript or equivalent) or higher 

  • Fundamentals of Heavy Equipment (4 weeks) 

  • Working at Heights, (8 hours) 

  • First Aid/ CPR 



  • $19,000 for the whole program

  • $13,000 for returning students who require the practical portion of the training only 

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