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Practical Cargo Securement 

The Practical Cargo Securement eLearning course will provide learners with the knowledge to safely secure and transport cargo.


  • Describing a vehicle’s cargo securement features.

  • Securing cargo against forward, rearward, and sideways movement.

  • How to use tiedowns to secure cargo.

  • How to calculate the aggregate working load limit for a load.

  • The rules and regulations governing proper cargo securement techniques. 

Who should take this course: 

  • Workers who may be responsible for securing and transporting cargo.

Course Length: 

  • The E-Learning course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Please allow up to 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, to process your request. 


  • Valid email address & high-speed internet.


  • Upon completion, you will be emailed your certificate. This course does not have an expiry date.



  • Free to IUOE, Local 793 members.  Non-Members $100.00



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