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Mobile Craning Today

Douglas H. Campbell, B.A. Sc., P.Eng.

Fast becoming the industry standard for mobile craning manuals, this sturdy pocket-sized volume is a must for all crane students, operators, and supervisors.

Mobile Craning Today was developed by craning professionals for craning professionals. At over 250 pages, it helps demystify craning, and provides operators, owners, and users with the information needed to become safer and more efficient.

Topics covered include:

  • Cranes and their components 

  • Calculations of crane capacity 

  • Conditions that affect capacities 

  • Much, much more 

  • Aussi disponible en français.

Manual Price List:

1-4 - $25.00 each

5-9 - $22.50 each

10-49 - $20.00 each

50+ - $18.00 each

To order this manual, complete  the form below and you will be contacted to arrange payment.

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