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New Magni RTH 4.18 Smart Telehandler delivered to OETIO Oakville campus

You can't telehandle this!

On Friday, October 16, 2020 a brand new Magni RTH 4.18 Smart telehandler was delivered to OETIOs Oakville campus. The new telehandler has a lifting capacity of 8,800 lbs with a lifting height of 58 feet. OETIO purchased the following attachments for the Magni RTH 4.18 Smart telehandler: a platform, a jib with a winch and fork carriages. The new telehandler was purchased with the assistance of the federal UTIP grant. This brand-new telehandler will allow OETIO to expand its training abilities and give OETIO students experience on one of the best telehandlers out there.

Magni RTH 4.18 Smart Telehandler

Telehandler attachments on the ground

Magni RTH 4.18 Smart Telehandler left rear view


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