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New Magni RTH 4.18 Smart Telehandler delivered to OETIO Oakville campus

You can't telehandle this!

On Friday, October 16, 2020 a brand new Magni RTH 4.18 Smart telehandler was delivered to OETIOs Oakville campus. The new telehandler has a lifting capacity of 8,800 lbs with a lifting height of 58 feet. OETIO purchased the following attachments for the Magni RTH 4.18 Smart telehandler: a platform, a jib with a winch and fork carriages. The new telehandler was purchased with the assistance of the federal UTIP grant. This brand-new telehandler will allow OETIO to expand its training abilities and give OETIO students experience on one of the best telehandlers out there.